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Making international call can become a troublesome thing to do. It’s not only the cost that can fly through the roof. But, the application and plan that service provider provide mostly only give you disappointment at the end. But, we think it’s different, if you look at the plan and service from Vonage. We can say that their service is almost perfect. You can get all good things from them. For example, their service is easy to use, cheap and gives you more features that you never imagined. Here is one of the services from Vonage that you may want to use. It’s Vonage World Plan.

First of all is the choice of vonage world countries. Vonage World Plan can be used to make a call to more than 60 different countries. You can find more about which countries you can make a call to on their website. They give detail list of those countries where you can call. However, what you need to understand here is the limit. The 60 more countries that Vonage provided for you are only for you who make a call to landline phone. However, for you who want to make international phone call to mobile phone, they only provide 10 countries choice. But, their service is unlimited. That means you don’t need to worry about running out your credit, when you make phone call. The service will make auto recharge for you. But, there is the limit here. The unlimited service is only available for you who make call to other people who also usedVonage service.
Vonage World Plan
The next things you can get from this plan are actually more than just that. You also can get app for your Smartphone. With this app, you can receive a call from other and make call from your home number easily. The phone number you can get from Vonage also is one of great thing. You can keep the number forever, even you move to other city or country. The good thing about this vonage world plus plan is you also can register your phone number. That means you still can use your old number, before you apply for Vonage service with their service. But, you need to check it first using the simple tool that their website has. If your number available, you can use it with Vonage service. The app you receive here also give you ability to adjust the service, so it’s suitable with your need. That means you can make this service become the best service you can get.

Vonage also offers Vonage promo code for this world plan. You can save even more money with this promo code. This promo code also gives you free activation and free shipping bonus. That means no more or extra cost you need to pay. One more important thing is you need to use high speed internet connection, if you want to make this service run smoothly. Overall, this is one best international call plan you can find today.

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