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Have you ever considered using Vonage? Well, you have to consider this phone service as you number one option. According to mostVonage phone reviews from millions of users around the world, it will be easy for you to see how beneficial this phone service is. It isn’t like other internet based phone service. It has a number of features that make it different with other service. If other service allows you to connect the service plan to one phone or smartphone only, Vonage lets you to connect one landline phone and two smartphones whether it is iOS or Android. It certainly is a feature that never rings a bell for you, right? Well, that is only normal because only Vonage that has this super beneficial service.

Low Rates Across US

It doesn’t matter in which state you live, you will always be given low rates from. This is definitely another plus on Vonage internet reviews. It makes a perfect way for you to save money from your phone bills. In fact, it can save you more than dozens of dollars every month. Once you are signed up and started to use this phone service, you will get anything you had expect from landline phone service and also the ability to take and make calls from your smartphones. So, it is like taking the landline phone service in your portable devices. Imagine being able to make and receive calls from three different devices. It lets you decide which is the most convenient when taking and making calls.

Vonage Reviews as Internet Based Phone Service
Once you used the services and connected your smartphones to your phone plan, Vonage will automatically access your contact book. It lets you know who is calling you. On the other hand, you can decide whether you want others to know your mobile phone number or not. Most users prefer to display their Vonage phone number and hide their mobile phone number to keep their privacy. Of course, you can do the same thing.

Requirements for Vonage

So, have you made decision to sign up to this phone service? Make sure to prepare the following requirements:

1.     Broadband internet connection whether cable or DSL

2.     Vonage box that will be inside the package once you have purchased it

3.     Email address

4.     Credit card

5.     US shipping and billing address

Once you have all the requirements ready, set up your phone service and set up your Vonage box as well to start using this particular internet based phone service.

Beside US, UK is also a base of a lot of Vonage phone service users. Most of the users share their experience on Vonage reviews UK where is it dominated with positive experience. It means Vonage has been able to deliver useful services for all users.

Among the features, the positive features include simple setup, clear call quality, enhanced 911 support, available toll free number and quick helpful support. But there are also some drawbacks said shared on Vonage VoIP reviews including no video or text capabilities, extra costs for desktop phone application.

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