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Before we know further about Vonage, we should know what the Vonage is. Vonage is internet telephonic public service provider which provides you with the business and service of telecommunication based on Over Internet protocol (VoIP). The company had been built in year of 2001 and had the office center in Holmdel, New Jersey.

In 2014, Vonage had been reported has 2,5 million subscribers which connecting with the mobile application service, with the inventions,Vonage not only focus on customer, but also expand in market business. The VoIP Vonage telephone service will use your internet connection to receive and make a call. With the big features from Vonage you can use the Vonage number with your Smartphone. This is becomes the basic and great feature from Vonage.

If you want to register with the Vonage. You have to use vonage.com login. The Vonage login useful to help you to get the Vonage login to my account. You can access www.vonage.com login. You do not need to register and there is no certain things to create your auto account. You only need insert your Vonage telephone in 10 digits and your password. Then you click the sign up for services. You can sign in your online account and you can reset your password if you do not remember the password.

Vonage Login
As we mentioned before that Vonage also able for your business as well. Vonage business allows you to get 3 telephones or devices in each extension in your online account. You can see the phones to get complete lists from the SIP (session initiated protocol) that had been certify and compatible telephone that you can use from Vonage. You also need Vonage business login for your Vonage extension.

You should create the User before registered for extension. There are 2 users and their role to define how they will use the account. The first one is super user. The super user has the main responsibility for all of the account. It an manage all of the services, features and hand the bill. The super user is creating both of administrator and the end user. Second is administrator. The administrator manage all of the services, features  and bill access. Although you can add the end user in the account, the administrator unable to add the other administrator or suit the setting from the super user. The last is the end user. End user has the extension that worked in the account and the end user only able to set the features setting from the extension. There is a limit access in the features that you can manage based on the setting that had been applied by the super user and administrator from the account. You able to see the www.vonage.com to get the complete information that suit with your need. after you decide the user, you can sign up for your online account and follow the next steps. You should take note that only super user and administrator who can add the other user and decide their extension. You also can access via your Vonage login mobile.

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