Vonage Internet Based Phone Service For Unlimited International Calls

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Even the unlimited carrier phone number plan still has a lot of drawbacks especially when it comes to privacy. So, when it comes to secured internet based phone service like Vonage, you may not want to lengthen the contract with your current carrier phone service. Vonage internet phone makes the perfect service. It successfully combines landline and mobile phone service using the internet service. Exactly, it is a service that you may never see or have before. The great thing is it covers extended range of more than 60 countries so it allows you to make and receive international calls. It is not free as you have to pay for the plan but the benefits and features are beyond your expectation.

Hide Your Mobile Phone Number

Suppose your work requires you to communicate with many people, keeping your mobile phone private is somehow crucial. Somehow, it helps you to keep your privacy so you will not have unknown people calling for you. Once your smartphones are connected to Vonage internet plans, you can decide whether you want to show your mobile phone number or you Vonage number. Most users choose to show their Vonage phone instead to keep their privacy.

Vonage Internet Based Phone Service for Unlimited International Calls
Features of Vonage Phone Service

If the name of Vonage extensions is still unfamiliar to you, check out its main features listed below.

·         Vonage lets you answer local and international anywhere you are. Every time you have call to your Vonage number, your smartphones that are connected to your Vonage box will ring as well

·         Use your Vonage wireless internet calling plan to your benefits. For instance, instead of using your internet smartphone service, make or receive all from your Vonage phone using WiFi connection

·         Automatically, Vonage box and app will be connected to your contact book. Therefore, anytime you have an incoming call, you will know who make the call

·         Feel free to make and receive calls as long as your Vonage phone box and smartphones are connected to 3G/4G or WiFi connectivity.

·         Dependable Vonage internet speed to make sure you have clear calls with any of your relatives

·         Easy Vonage box set up and Vonage app install as you can manage it within only minutes by following the instructions

Call Rates

Just like other carrier phone service plans, Vonage internet service phone also comes with varying plans according to your need. But there is one thing different. The rate for making and receiving call is different. Here are the details. If you use unlimited calling plan, you can enjoy unlimited phone service. If you choose calling plan that charges per minute to certain location, then you will pay different bills according to the location of incoming call and phone number that you try to contact. Meanwhile, if you choose Vonage calling plan that offers limited minutes per month then your minutes will be reduce according to the minutes you receive and make calls.

Therefore, it is recommended to know the details of every Vonage calling plan before you finally make a choice. This way, you will be able to choose the right plan that fits your need.

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