Vonage Free Calls For Local And International

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How great is it if you can have unlimited talk to 60 different countries and more while you pay for low price? Yes, it is only possible if you sign up to Vonage free calls download using your unlimited Vonage plan. This unlimited plan allows you to make calls to 60 countries without worrying about your bills. It doesn’t matter through which phone you make the calls, whether it is your Vonage home phone or smartphones, the unlimited call service still applies. Some of the Vonage Free Calls Countries List covered in this plan include Chile, Australia, Argentina, France, Indonesia, Italy, Luxemburg, Colombia, Finland, India and many other countries.

Unlimited Call Features

The unlimited plan doesn’t only offer Vonage free calls to USA but also to various other countries including Vonage free calls to UK. Furthermore, there are also 25 added features to allow you customizing your Vonage service so you can have the service that fits your busy life. If you talk to other Vonage users, you will be given with unlimited free calling which is a really good offer. Imagine you can talk to your parents, partners or families for hours while you two are living separately across the ocean. And, this plan also lets you to keep current number without having to pay for extra charge. No need to change phone number despite of having to move from one place to another is among the main and best features of Vonage. This way, you can keep in contact with old friends.

Vonage Free Calls for Local and International
Furthermore, there are many available features for you to enjoy aside from benefiting the Vonage free calls to Dubai. The Selective Call Block for instance is particular feature to let you block unwanted calls. You can do this through your online account of Vonage extensions app. Once you blocked certain phone number, your smartphone or Vonage number will never ring anytime the number calls you. If you feel to unblock it, do it as you please.

Boomerang is another feature from the plan. It is undoubtedly a cool feature that lets you get in touch faster and easier. It is basically a feature where you group certain contacts into the primary contact groups. Therefore, you will enjoy automatic connections to those included in Boomerang. Similar to standard carrier phone service, Vonage also offers Voicemail Plus. This is a feature that lets you to listen to voicemail message that you have received through your phone or your email once the message has been delivered to email.

The Vonage reviews also spills out the feature called Enhanced Call Forwarding. It is a feature allowing you to answer any home phone calls from anywhere you are. Even you can forward the calls through Vonage Online Account of yours. Then, easily turn it on or off just like you want it as this feature is not permanent. With easy setup, it will be a feature you will want to be added into your Vonage account. With considerably low rates for all calls both local and international, Vonage is definitely a service that lets you to stay connected with other people without having to pay a lot of bills.

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