Vonage Extensions App With Free Setup

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Vonage extensions app is your solution for the best internet based phone service. Unlike other services that require you to change your number, Vonage doesn’t request something like that. So yes, you can keep your phone number no matter how many times you move from one place to another. It’s even a better service that other phone services including the landline phone service. What makes this service unique and superior is its feature allowing you to connect your Vonage phone number to two different smartphones whether it is iPhone or Android. So, anytime your Vonage number rings, you can take the call from any phone that is closest to you.

Keep Your Old Phone Number

Setting up your Vonage Extension number is very easy. And just like explained before, do not worry about keeping your old phone number because you can do that for sure. It’s what makes this phone service more superior than other services. This way, you can still communicate with old friends. You don’t even have to let your friends and family your new number every time you move to another state. Your Vonage number will never change.

Vonage Extensions App with Free Setup

Vonage Extensions App
The Vonage Extensions apk is certainly another feature which makes this phone service a better service. Instead of using individual phone service targeted for smartphone only, Vonage service is simply a more accommodative option. Once you connect your Vonage box to your router, continue by installing the apk so you can connect your Vonage number to two different smartphones (iPhone and Android).

Unlimited Calls

You shall pay no additional fee for Vonage Extensions Android and Vonage extensions iOS because it has been included in the plan. Once you have paid for certain plan, you can make and receive calls through your Vonage number on any of your devices. Make sure your smartphone is connected to WiFi, 3G or 4G connection to make and receive any calls. Even it is an international call, feel free to do that. If you paid for unlimited plan, you can make and receive unlimited calls as well including international calls. There are more than 60 countries where you can make and receive calls. If you want to keep your mobile minutes in case you don’t sign up for unlimited plan, use WiFi connection to make calls instead of using your smartphone internet connection plan.

Every time you have incoming calls whether it is from Vonage number or other number, you will have the number displayed on your screen. That is because Vonage will be automatically connected to your contacts on your smartphones. This way, you do not have to worry about losing contacts of your friends, family and colleagues.

Given with all those features, this Vonage internet based phone service has definitely made a much better choice. Not only can you keep your number but you can also enjoy cheaper phone services with abundance of benefits. Set up your Vonage phone and install it by yourself by following the instructions. It requires only a few minutes to let you start using the service.

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