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Are you disappointed with your landline service? Or, do you feel like your phone bills have gotten way too high no matter how hard you have tried to cut down on making unnecessary calls and texting incessantly? The aforementioned factors may have left you wondering about the discrepancies, how could this happen? Shouldn’t a more advanced technology come with a more affordable cost as well? The answer to the last question is yes – but have you ever thought that you perhaps look at the wrong telecommunication solution? While it’s not the case with phone bills, our more advanced technology has actually given us the ultimate solution for this issue. It’s by switching from conventional landline to VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol. This type of communication is done through a high speed internet connection – making it possible for your to cut down phone bills altogether since all you have to pay for is a subscription which is generally very cheap and also, your monthly internet bills.

Canadians are now able to breathe a sigh of relief as Vonage, the leading VoIP provider, has come to the country. Offering affordable plans for personal use (such as Vonage Extension app) and business use without sacrificing functionality and flexibility, those who live in Canada may keep their current mobile phone numbers and use it with their new Vonage service. In order to decide whether or not this telecommunication solution is the one for you, let’s take a look at the pricing and also its Vonage Canada international rates.

  • Vonage World Canada offers unlimited talk to as much as 60 countries for just one price – this is a complete opposite of landline which charges calls by the minute. With 6-month promotional subscription for $9.99 you can get everything a conventional phone line can offer!
  • This plan covers Vonage’s intergrated smartphone application, unlimited calling minutes to those who also own Vonage, and best of all, a 30 day money back guarantee.
    As for the features, much like its Vonage UK counterpart, Vonage Canada is also equipped with attractive features as follows:
  • Vonage number that is yours forever and can work around the clock no matter where you are. As long as you have a high speed internet connection, you can take and use your Vonage number with you anywhere you want.
  • Vonage Voicemail Plus: utilizing the dedicated and secure Vonage Canada login, you may set your Vonage account however you want it, including how you’d like your voicemails delivered – whether it be by email in the form of audio files, or hear it from a different phone.
  • Another feature that is worth noting is Vonage’s selective block and enhanced call forwarding feature which allows you to get your calls forwarded automatically by phone or your Vonage’s online account – this feature can be turned on and off whenever you want.
    Traveling overseas and need an affordable calling card? Vonage calling card is the perfect solution. This prepaid calling card allows you to make international calls just by dialing the printed access number on the back of the card. It also allows for an easy refill by online purchase using your credit card.

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