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Vonage phone service provider had been announced the latest international features that known as Vonage Boomerang. The VonageBoomerang will easier and quicker for the users who need connection with the beloved peoples in around the world. Boomerang cut the frustation cycle with the missed call and calls me back message that let your friend or family in the foreign can reach the calls in Vonageusers without need to purchase the calls.

With this features, Vonage user will able to make the contact boomerang lists and any contacts to start the calls with the Vonage user automatically and able to receive the call back. The user will get the best experiences from the caller and recipient as well. some reviews from the users stated that receiving missed calls from the closer friend or family in the overseas is the common practice to show the calling need to communicate without International charge. Vonage boomerang will make it quicker and easier for your friends and family in around the world. This is the best way for the users to connect with the others.
Vonage Boomerang
When the callers from the overseas call the Vonage number, they will hear the message that helps them to release the call to get the call back. The Vonage will use the user number in automatically to place the call between the customer and the caller as well. the Vonage user will get some options to receive the calls or directed the calls in voce mails. You will able to always get in touch with your friend and family in whole of the world with the easier way and quicker connection. With this standing out features which also included FREE with your Vonageplan. For registers, you can download the Vonage Extension and choose the number that you want to input in boomerang. You can choose the contacts that you want to add in boomerang through the Vonage Extensions applications and enjoy the auto connection through yourVonage number when the boomerang contacts take a call. You also able to use the boomerang in your Smartphone’s or telephony devices as usual. The calling in your Vonage number will ring in your telephony devices or your mobile with the application. You allow to receive the calls in everywhere using the Wi-Fi connection or using the 3G/4G speed. This is so incredible features that make you able to always connect with your relatives. For further information to order or get detail description, you able to call the customer service 1-800-698-5590 or you can visit the official Vonage website in vonage.com to see the other best offering with complete information’s. You should note that you can save the 10 contacts that you want to add in your boomerang list. You also able to remove and add the new contacts. Vonage also let you to get the other features that you can get, such as: call forwarding, waiting call, voicemail visual, etc. when you get the calls, the user will hear the special ringtone from the Vonage Extensions applications.

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