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Those who dabble in finance may be familiar with Roth IRA, but to those who have never even heard the plan may stop in their track and ask “What’s that?” So what is Roth IRA and what does it have to do with finance? Roth IRA, derived from Individual Retirement Arrangement, or Roth 401(k) is a legal retirement plan protected under the U.S. law – its investment saving account is sponsored by an employer while the fund comes from an after tax money. At a glace, it may seem similar to its traditional 401(k) plan counterpart, but dig deeper and you’ll find out that, as opposed to Roth 401(k), the traditional 401(k) plan is funded with pre-tax money which may result in an IRS levy. It’s a no brainer that Roth 401(k) is a better and much more suitable option for many individuals currently categorized under a low tax bracket while, at the same time, anticipate their shift into a higher tax bracket in the future.

It doesn’t matter how much you make in a year and how hard you work, truth is nothing is guaranteed – your future, too. You’re able to live large right now because you still have a steady source of income, but how about 20 to 30 years down the line? Do you think, after your retirement, you’ll still be able to live the life you have already accustomed to? This shows the importance of making a smart decision and planning for your retirement, there is simply no such a thing as “too soon” when it comes to ensuring your financial stability. Scottrade Roth IRA is a solid contender for any of your financial business needs.
Scottrade Roth IRA
Roth IRA Scottrade offers you a helping hand, not only does it give you a total control of your future, it also offers you so many business opportunities to let your money grow such as investment in the form of bonds, mutual funds, as well as stocks. Heard nasty stories about brokerage firms and now you are wondering about its liability? Scottrade Bank scored the highest numerical points in a survey determining the satisfaction of self-directed investors that is conducted by J.D. Power in January 2016. Scottrade Bank provides you with a wide array of investment options with affordable Scottrade Fees and low account fees as well as commission! Below is a list of Scottrade Roth IRA fees:

Mutual fund transaction fees:
o        No transaction feel to buy, sell, exchange mutual funds

o        $17 to buy, sell, and exchange no-load mutual funds

o        $0 to buy, $17 to sell, and $17 to exchange loaded mutual funds

ETF and stock transaction commissions:
o        $7 for online order transaction

o        $32 for broker assisted transaction

o        $32 for touchtone phone order transaction

A quick search on the web and you’ll find many positive Scottrade Roth IRA review and feedback that should convince you of its liability. The best of all? Unlike any other brokerage that charges as much as $75, Scottrade doesn’t charge account maintenance and closing fees – making it a winner in the Scottrade vs. E*Trade battle.

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