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Based on Scottrade Bank review, it is said that this bank is one of the top 100 bank in the U.S. This bank is capable of achieving this success because they understand their clients’ needs. There are various financial services that are offered by Scottrade Bank. Aside from providing wide variety of financial services, this bank also has great customer service and low-cost banking. Therefore, clients feel comfortable doing business with them.

Location and contact of Scottrade Bank

Scottrade Bank locations are not as many as Scottrade branch. They are different companies. However, they are affiliated companies.Scottrade Bank address is at 700 Maryville Center Drive, St Louis. If you need to visit this bank you can go to that address. If you don’t have much time to visit its brick-and-mortar office, you can contact this bank via its website or phone call. The web address is There is a short form on this website that you can use to ask any questions about its services.

On this website, you can find phone numbers to contact Scottrade Bank and its operational hours. When you call this bank, Scottrade Bank customer service staffs will kindly assist you and answer all your questions. You can call the customer service from Monday to Sunday. On Monday to Friday, the line is open from 7 a.m until 9 p.m. Meanwhile, on Saturday and Sunday, the line is open from 9 a.m until 7 p.m. This schedule is only for you who want to find information on personal financing. For further information about Scottrade Bank telephone banking support, you can find it on the website.

Scottrade Bank financial services

Scottrade Bank offers you with many choices of financial services. One of them is Scottrade Bank loan servicing. This service will enable you to get personal loan to fund your financial needs. You can also get business loan to keep your business run smoothly. This bank also provides equipment financing and commercial lending. Similar to other bank, it offers mortgage loan service. The Scottrade Bank mortgagewill be your perfect solution to get your own home. Applying for loan and mortgage at this bank is not difficult. Moreover, Scottrade Bank interest rates is friendly and affordable.

Scottrade Bank also provides you with saving account services. You can check your account in various ways. One of them is mobile bank account access. With this app, you will be able to transfer funds, check balance, and many more. It also provides you Online Bill Pay. It will enable you to pay your bill conveniently. Other conveniences that are offered by this bank are Debit/ATM cards, mobile check deposit, easy money withdrawal and transfer, and Apple Pay. This bank also offers you with long-term saving account in the form of certificate of deposit.

Scottrade Bank is a great choice for you who want to get low-cost banking service. If you have a bank account at this bank, you will not be charged with annual maintenance fee. Moreover, this bank will not charge you for inactivity. The interest rate of this bank is very competitive. Therefore, you can pay your loan easier.

This bank is the best bank in St Louis for deposit category. It is strong and stable. As a result, you can trust this bank as your financial solution. Scottrade Bank offers great financial solutions and services. But, it doesn’t offer you with financial advice and legal advice. However, it is not a big problem because not everyone needs financial advice on daily basis. Hopefully, this Scottrade Bank wiki can help you understand this bank in better ways. This trusted bank may be your best banking solution.

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