Magicjack Vs. Vonage

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VoIP based communication is all the rage right now. How can it not? With technology that has become more advanced, there are plethoras of options that enable us to communicate with one another. One of the most preferred means of communication is by Voice over Internet Protocol that is also known as VoIP. Many mobile applications offer VoIP service that does not only offer call option, but also data, video, and text. Why do people nowadays resort to VoIP and tend to ditch the conventional phone (PTSN, or Packet Switched Telephone Network) line? One of the most popular reasons as to why people rely on VoIP nowadays is the fact that it is much more affordable when compared to PTSN line. Imagine calling your loved one that is currently traveling half the world away using a PTSN line, I am sure even the thought of it makes you cringe. Your phone bill will surely burn a hole in your pocket as it charges you by the minute – this is not the case with VoIP.

Using internet as its backbone, VoIP doesn’t charge for the calls, the only bill you have to pay is your monthly internet bill – it doesn’t matter in which country the recipient is or how long your calls are. Two of the most used VoIP based mobile applications are Vonage and MagicJack. In order to find out which of the two that is more superior we must first find out the pros and cons of both applications, keep reading Vonage vs MagicJack to find out.

Similarities between MagicJack and Vonage

First on our comparison MagicJack vs Vonage chart, we will talk about the similarities both providers share. A few of the similarities are listed as follows:

  • Equipped with portable adapters so you may use them wherever you have high speed internet, even during traveling.
  • Both MagicJack and Vonage, being a VoIP telecommunication provider, uses high internet connection which is translated to an affordable phone service.
  • Neither MagicJack or Vonage require commitments from its users.
  • Should you purchase its monthly plan both MagicJack and Vonage guarantee a full refund within 30 days from your initial purchase.

Differences between MagicJack and Vonage

So MagicJack or Vonage? In order to make an informed decision, knowing their similarities is not enough. Only by understanding the differences will you be able to weigh your options and decide which provider is best suitable for your needs.

  • Vonage offers a monthly calling plan and international calling plan, whereas MagicJack offers annual subscription fee with a 6-month free service and MagicJack plus device.
  • Vonage offers 3-way calls, whereas MagicJack offers conference calls with more participants.
    In terms of cost, MagicJack wins the battles even without the freebies as its annual plan is obviously more affordable than Vonage’s monthly plans combined. Vonage can’t beat MagicJack, but how about Ooma vs Vonage? Ooma and Vonage have more similarities, they even have similar call quality. However, Ooma beats Vonage in monthly cost as it offers more affordable options unlike Vonage that charges up to $240 a year.

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