How To Cancel Vonage Account And Service

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For you who need VoIP service or phone service that use internet connection, you must found Vonage as one of the top service you can use. Yes, that’s true. They offer many different feature and ease you can’t get from other service. The Vonage phone service also gives you more freedom to adjust how to use the service like what you need. The price is also quite affordable. Overall, this is good service. But, there is a time when you need to end their service, because many reason. Like, you need to move to other country or you just want to save more money. If this is what happened to you, you can cancel the Vonage service you can use.

If you want to cancel Vonage service, you can’t do it normally like when you apply for their service. When you apply for Vonage service, you just need to choose the plan you want to use from their website and apply it online. Then, they will send Vonage device you need to use. After that, register your phone number and you can use the service. So, how to cancel Vonage service? To cancel the service, you need to call their customer service. You can’t do it via online method or using email. There are two different customer services you can call. First is the English customer service and the other is the Spanish-speaking service. Just choose the service that you need. The customer service phone number for this need is 1-VONAGE-HELP or 1-866-243-4357. But, you can’t call them anytime you want. They are only available on specific time. For the standard service (English service) they available from Monday to Friday at 9 am to 12 am midnight ET. And, on Saturday and Sunday, you can call them between 9 am to 8 pm ET. On the other hand, the Spanish speaking customer service has similar time service like the standard service. They are only unavailable on Sunday. That’s how to cancel Vonage account. Honestly, it’s little bit complicated and time taking. However, we can say that the process to cancel the service is quite fast. Call them, following the instruction that they gave from the phone call, and you can cancel your account and Vonage service that you use. Despite of that, Vonage can be said as one of good quality phone service you can find. The feature and the quality of their connection and call are on top level. You won’t be disappointed when you use them.

More than that, the customer service doesn’t only provide the cancellation service. You also can use them to get more information and ask more about what Vonage can do for you. You can ask what kind of plan you can get from Vonage, the fee and many more. And, they will give you great answer and response like what you want. We can say that the Vonage customer service can give you great help that you need. So, don’t hesitate when you want to use their help, anytime you need it.

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