How Does Vonage Work

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Do you plan to use international phone service and VoIP? That is actually great decision. It’s because, with today’s internet technology, we can say that making call with this service is much preferable than conventional phone service. Now, the question is how? The answer is actually quite simple. You can use Vonage phone service. Vonage phone service can be said as one of the best service in this field. They offer nice plan you can use for your internet phone call needs. So, how does Vonage work?

It’s actually simple. If you want to apply for Vonage World Plan, what you need to do is go to their website, choose the plan you want to use, in this case World Plan for international call, or any plan that you want. Then, you sign up and you can use the service. One more important thing, you can only use their service with the special Vonage devices. This device is important, because it will become the tool that converts the internet connection that you have, so, you can use it to make a phone call. After you sign up, Vonage will send the device to you. You can connect your home phone onto this device. Then you connect the device into your internet network. Just like that, and you will be able to use it to make VoIP. You can use any phone with this device.
How Does Vonage Work
So, it doesn’t matter if you use cordless home phone or the old home phone, you can use it. After that, activate the device and you can call anytime you want. But, you also need not to forge to register your phone number to Vonage. This is the main important thing, because by doing it, you can use your phone number to make international phone call with Vonage service. If you look at the other phone service, they will charge you when you register your old phone number. But, Vonage won’t charge you for this service. It’s free. And, that’s not all. They also give you free number activation process.

How much is vonage per month? This is maybe the most important question you have before you use Vonage service. Actually, it’s quite affordable. For their popular plan, the Vonage North America, you just need to pay $9.99 per month. This tariff only is available for the first 12 month. However, you don’t need to pay for every connection that you make. You only use your credit for the minutes you use to make your phone call. Unlike other service that charge you for every connection that you make to make international phone call. Vonage won’t charge you for that. So, you can save money. Basically, if we look at it from the features that it can give to you, the ease in make it work and of course, how much does vonage cost per month, we can say that this is one of great service you can found. Therefore, it could be great choice for you who need phone call service.

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